Research' Areas

Consumer Area
  • Concept Test
  • Product Test for old and new products
  • Name and Pack Test: before launching or re-launching into the market
  • Advertising: Pre Test e Post Test
  • Marketing Monitor: Continuing follow-ups of the knowledge of brands and products
  • Marketing Mix: Concept Test; Price Test; Pack Test and Advertising
  • Positioning studies: researches on habits and preferences of consumers

B2B Area

  • Market shares
  • Competition
  • Markets trends
  • Market's foreseen and critical factors of success
  • Pricing and profitability
  • Barriers of entry
  • Analysis and looking on groups and subgroups target
  • International B2B

    Social studies

    • Ad hoc researches on the different life-styles, on habits, preferences, choices regarding specific sectors or fields of application
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